Silverfish are long 3-tailed insects with brown or silver "scales" or plating on their bodies. Silverfish are generally seperated into two kinds. A similar kind of insect, the Firebrat, is found in basements near furnaces and hot insulation and water pipes as apposed to kitchens and bathrooms. The name refers to its quick darty fish-like movements and the silvery scaly effect. They have the ability to jump and are similar to bristletails.

Common Indoor SilverfishEdit

Common Indoor Silverfish are found in damp areas of homes, particulary near bathrooms and kitchens. These are the more commonly encountered ones and have bright silver plating and brown or yellow legs.

Outside SilverfishEdit


An Outside Silverfish.

Outside Silverfish are the kinds that are found outside in leaf litter, on damp plants and low shrubs (generally after it rains) and occasionally compost heaps. They are based in open forest and typically have more brown and less shiny plating than indoor species. Outside Silverfish are rarely encountered.


Omnivorous; feeds on dead insects, starchy foods, cereals, glue on book bindings and walls. Outdoor Silverfish eat lichens, fallen dead leaves and dead insects.


Specimens are anywhere from 8-15mm.


Also known as fish moths, fish-bugs and silver scale insects.

The silvery plating is developed only after its third moult.

Earwigs, House Centipedes and Spiders are known to prey on these.

Juveniles are pale brown or white.