Books that feature wildlife of Alberta and Canada

Alberta wildlifeEdit


Alberta Birds: An Introduction to familiar species.

Birds of Alberta: by John Acorn

This book contains information and beautifully detailed and coloured illustrations of all birds found in Alberta and also includes species found one occasion.

Compact Guide to Alberta Birds


 Ladybirds of Alberta: Finding the Spots and Connecting the Dots

A detailed guide to all species of Ladybirds found in Alberta by John Acorn.

Bugs of Alberta: by John Acorn

Another book with detailed colour images, this book contains [no.?] of the best and most commonly seen insects in Alberta.

Butterflies of Alberta: by John Acorn

This book contains information, diagrams and notes on every species known from Alberta. A must have for any insect enthusiast.

Damselflies of Alberta: Flying Neon Toothpicks in the Grass

Another must-have of the insect book collection by John Acorn.

Tiger Beetles of Alberta: Killers on the Clay, Stalkers on the Sand


Alberta Wildlife: An Introduction to Familiar Species

Animal tracks of Alberta


Plants of Alberta

This book covers diagrams, illustrations and photos on most of the species found in Alberta, and notes on every other species.

Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta

Wildflowers of Alberta: A Guide to Common Wildflowers

Wildflowers of Calgary and Southern Alberta

Wildflowers of Edmonton and Central Alberta


Perennials for Alberta

Best Garden Plants for Alberta

Guides which include information outside of Alberta

Garden Insects of North America: The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs

Insects and Spiders of North America: National Audubon Society

Butterflies through Binoculars: Western North America

Aquatic insects of North America