Darkling and Mealworm beetlesEdit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)----Insects (Insecta)----Beetles (Coleoptera)----Polyphaga----Fungus, bark, darkling and blister beetles and allies (Tenebrionoidea)-----Darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae)

Most of the time Darkling beetles are only known from the household pests: Mealworms, in the genus Tenebrio. Apart from these, the other Darkling beetles can be quite intresting. The true Darkling or "Death and Darkening" beetles as they are sometimes called can be found in hot, arid deserts, grasslands and plains around the world, obviously at the moment we do not have deserts, great plains/ grasslands in Alberta, so they stick to badlands and open prairies for an alternative, and the other "miscellaneous" Darkling beetles can be found under rotting wood and can appear on buildings and in parks. Most Darkling beetles can be identified from their long legs and antennae, the pointed end of their wings and the height that they stand above ground. These beetles can come in colours anywhere in the range of grey, black, brown and dark red.


A "true" Darkling beetle looks like this Link to Bug Guide


Yellow Mealworm beetle Tenebrio molitor
Yellow mealworm beetle1
Flour beetle Tribolium sp.
Small mealworm 1

Small mealworm beetle that invaded my bag of chocolates.