Arthropods (Arthropoda)---Symphylans (Symphyla)


Symphylans are small white centipede-like creatures found in soil at a depth of around 11-27cm. Newly hatched nymphs have 6 legs but gain more as they Moult. Symphylans are extremely similar to juvenile Centipedes. These creatures are classed as pests and can cause serious damage by feeding on the roots of mainly vegetables, but also fruits, mints and related plants. A way of determining if symphylans are present in a field is to take a large sample of soil from 15-17cm and search for adults, larvae or eggs. Predators of symphylans include a mite predator known as Pergamasus quisquiliarum.

Finding SymphylansEdit

Using the is one way of finding them.

Other namesEdit

Dwarf centipede

  • Symphylids/ Symphilids

Garden centipede

Garden symphylan

Glasshouse symphylan