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Ellychnia corrusca1

Diurnal fireflies lack the light-creating organs underneath.


A Diurnal firefly.

Presumably "Lampyridae" is related to the word "lamp" meaning light. Fireflies are found in damp field and marshy habitats, I have not yet tried going out at night to find any yet; since in my sub-urban neighbourhood lights take over and I have only seen the non-lighted fireflies anyway. Not all fireflies have lights, the ones without lights are generally less colourful and dull, whereas the lighted fireflies are bordered by pinks, yellows and oranges with a black spot centered on their Pronotum. Light pollution is making fireflies much rarer, since the flashing display of males is harder to see and breeding becomes uncommon; indeed meaning that they are only found in areas without light pollution. The non-lighted A.K.A Diurnal fireflies however are fine in these environments since they adapt to breed in the daytime, which also means they can be seen in sub-urban city areas; these ones appear before the start of spring which is why they are also called Winter fireflies.

Species Edit

Diurnal Firefly Pictures at top of page Lesser Oriental Firefly
Pyractonema dispersa
Oriental Firefly
Ellychnia corrusca Pyractomena dispersa Pyractomena borealis