A tiny, pied diving beetle (LeConte, 1866) Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)---Insects (Insecta)---Beetles (Coleoptera)---Ground and water beetles (Adephaga)---Predaceous diving beetles (Dytiscidae)---Hydroporinae----Hygrotus----H. sellatus
Hygrotus sellatus

3rd October, 2008.

Hygrotus sellatus2

3rd October, 2008.

Hygrotus sellatus3

3rd October, 2008.

Hygrotus sellatus5

This was found while just doing a random scoop of pond water near the edge of a lake near my house. This species can easily be identified from the distinctive elytral patterning, described on BugGuide as the following: "distal brown blotch and a subhumeral spot on a pale background, the sutural margin is also dark; pronotum is dark, with paler anterolateral borders. " Clicking on the 1 shows you where it came from. There is not really a certain way to find this. Just kneel down and check the shallow water for any tiny moving diving beetles, or just scoop random areas with nets, you will most likely find many intresting things. This species used to be known as Hydroporus sellatus.

Size Edit

Hygrotus sellatus4

3rd October, 2008.

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