A Water Scavenger beetle (Linnaeus, 1758) Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)---Insects (Insecta)----Beetles (Coleoptera)----Polyphaga----Hydrophiloidea-----Water Scavenger beetles (Hydrophilidae)---Hydrophilinae----Hydrophilini----Hydrobius----H. fuscipes
Hydrobius sp.

12th April, 2008.

Apparently this is the only Hydrobius known from Alberta and is one of the most widespread species across not just North America but also Europe as well. This is one of the more-or-less aquatic species but does sometimes turn up at lights during the night and also appears on walls and flat surfaces away from water. It is most often found in small rain-filled puddles that have been left for about a week, however they normally have to find a new body of water each time the puddle dries up because of the sun's heat.

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