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Brown lacewing type 2

Brown lacewings are smaller, browner, duller and less common relatives of Green lacewings. They are more adapted to camoflauging along dark wood and tree bark. They are very rarely (or never found when I tried, but they should be) found when using the Bush shaking technique. Brown lacewings are normally seen during the day when they are disturbed from vegetation, they are quite "unusual" in flight and appear paler and more transparent when the wings are spread, anyone who has never seen one before will probably think it is a strange kind of broader winged stonefly. Brown lacewing larvae do not often use the cover like Green lacewings.


Anywhere from 10mm-14mm .

Tips on FindingEdit

I have not yet found a best place to look, but check trunks and branches of deciduous trees and also fences from May-June.


Adults and larvae feed on soft-bodied arthropods and are considered beneficial.

Blacewing larva

Larva of a Brown lacewing.



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