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Erioptera cana thumb pic

22nd August, 2008.

A small mottled grey and black cranefly sometimes appearing on walls of buildings. They are normally only found if a forest and a field is nearby and meaning they are not found in very urban areas. Even a small patch of hedgerow and trees at the back of a field, such as a school field, will be enough to accommodate a few of these.



Occurs throughout North and Central America.


Adult body length: 6-7mm


Most Woodland edges near fields, ditches near fields.

Larva can be found in earth along water edges.

Time of YearEdit

Best looked for in spring, can be seen from when most vegetation has not yet started sprouting; has two Generations a year and can be seen in spring and fall. There are less specimens in the fall generation and thus are much less common than in spring.


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