Calligrapha philadelphica  (Linnaeus, 1758)Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)----Insects (Insecta)---Beetles (Coleoptera)----Polyphaga----Leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae)---Chrysomelinae----Calligrapha----C. philadelphica
Dogwood calligrapha1

Date Month, 2008. These are common around the Edmonton River Valley on chest-high shrubs such as Dogwood.

If you live in areas near woodland you will probably see a few of these. They can be found on shrubs in woodland and woodland edges such as river valleys. The only similar species is the Common Willow Calligrapha (C. multipunctata) which has the streaks seperated into extra spots and the pronotum is thickly bordered with cream/white (also, added to the fact that the Willow Calligrapha is found on and eats Willow tree leaves (Salix sp.) as opposed to various low shrubs though they may appear on low shrubs from time to time).

Time of year Edit

Adults can be found from May-August.

Size Edit

Adults are from 7-11mm.

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