Selatosomus cruciatus (Linnaeus, 1758)Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)----Insects (Insecta)-----Beetles (Coleoptera)-----Polyphaga----Click, soldier, fireflies and allies (Elateroidea)-----Click beetles (Elateridae)------Selatosomus-----S. cruciatus

Click beetles seem to like landing on you in the evening. This and the Fire and ash click beetle landed on me around 5:00pm. The specimens in Alberta, like the one I found, did not have the typical colouring, normally there is a horizontal bar along the middle of the wing shields, hence crucifix and the black along the edge is seperated above this cross. (Diagram there to show the normal markings) This probably has something to do with locality variation. This species used to be known as Ctenichera cruciatus. The Crucifix click beetle was introduced here from Europe.  This species is listed as "uncommon" in North America.


Adult length about 11mm-14mm.

Crucifix click beetle

20th June, 2008

Crucifix click beetle2

20th June, 2008


There is another picture showing the ,seemingly typical, Alberta variation (3 of 5) at: Talk about wildlife

Bug Guide

A photo of a black/ Melanic form here: Bug Guide

Crucifix click beetle diagram

A diagram made to show the normal markings of the Crucifix click beetle.