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26th May, 2008. The black-spotted pink form is generally the most often seen in Alberta.

This species is quite remarkable, in North America you are familiar with the basic pink, black, yellow marked ladybird, but across the world in Europe is the same species, but completely different shape, size and majorly different larva.  Another odd thing is that in Europe there is only one colouration; brown with 18 white spots (there is a very similar species also found known as the 18-spotted ladybird), unlike the 4+ different variations in North America.  This species is not often seen, since they are normally somewhere up in the trees, but can found down on fences and low branches.

12th May, 2008. Presumably the form that gave this species its name, it is rather uncommon in most parts of Alberta.

 This species is also known as the Polka-dot ladybird, which better suits it.

Size Edit

~6-7mm, whereas the European type is from ~4-6mm.

Forms Edit

There are 2 basic marking patterns found in Alberta, I do not know if the black with two red patches type is found in Alberta.

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16th May, 2008. This black-spotted yellow form appeared to be the commonest in my neighbourhood, yet I have seen nothing that says about a yellow form. The full black spots show that this is the final colouration, and not just a recent emergence.


12th May, 2008. The ventral appearance is the same in all of the forms.