Wesmaelius sp.Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)----Insects (Insecta)----Net-winged flies (Neuroptera)---Brown lacewings (Hemerobiidae)---Wesmaelius-----Wesmaelius sp.

Wesmaelius species Brown lacewings are generally darker, greyer and more clouded than other genera, the pale yellow body stands out. Only two species are found around Alberta, which are W. nervosus and W. longifrons. These lacewings can be found on tree trunks and branches of deciduous trees, and are not very easily disturbed during the day and getting close-up looks of a resting individual are usually easy. This genus used to be known as Boriomyia.


17th May, 2008.

Brownlacewingtype1 b

17th May, 2008.


Uncommon; can be seen on vegetation in forests and trunks of trees along woodland edges. Can be seen flying during the day; it looks pale and more transparent when the wings are seperated from resting positon.


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