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Cockroaches are small beetle-like insects, commonly winged, found in many damp places. Most Cockroaches are found in homes, and are also the most often seen. Indoor "pest" species prefer well heated and insulated buildings of some age, and are rarely found in newly built houses, but they are not picky and will readily adapt to any habitat. There are 30 species (out of about 4,000) that are associated with human structures and 4 that are well-known pests. Nymphs lack wings. Some cockroaches create eggcases known as ootheca which contain up to 14-18 eggs, this is most common in the Oriental Cockroach.


This basic Cockroach was found inside an aquarium where it was among many of its kind, they hid in the many cracks and holes on the stone floor.

Basic CockroachesEdit

The basic Cockroaches are the ones that live in cracks and crevices inside homes and office buildings and are found feeding at night, or in a dark place, on food scraps and garbage. It is uncommon to see one on the floor during the day or when a light is on. Adults range from 14-33mm in length depending on species. The 4 well-known pest species are the German Cockroach, American Cockroach, Asian Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach.

Wild & Tropical CockroachesEdit

Wild Cockroaches are found only in wild non-touched environments, they are typically found in hedgedrows sitting on prominent leaves in the sun. Insects like these are hard to come by. All wild cockroaches in Alberta are introduced from Europe and can be

found in the prairie region.


A wild Cockroach, the Tawny.


Tawny Cockroach

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Cockroaches can live up to three months without food and water.

Sometimes Cockroach infestations can trigger an allergic reaction.

Parasites of cockroaches that prove highly effective in Biological Control include insects in the family Evaniidae (Ensign wasps) and Ampulicidae (Cockroach waps).

Cockroaches are relatively harmless, and few actually carry disease that is harmful. It is not uncommon to have a phobia of cockroaches.

Some of the earliest writings about cockroaches show boiling them and mixing with oil to create medicine.

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