Animalia----Tetrapoda----Aves (Birds)
American Robin Male1

A male American Robin.


Time of year, rarity is shown here.


"Lets go birding in Albirda"

Whether they are dull and brown or as colourful as a rainbow birds are always a welcome attraction to gardens everywhere (maybe a few exceptions). A few birds can be attracted with feeders but out of the whole province or country's species the percentage is fairly low. In Alberta there are around 350+ species of birds and seeing all is no easy task. Birds may be some of the most confusing animals to identify with males, females, juveniles, 1st year, 2nd year, breeding, non-breeding etc. plumages all being different in some species. There is never a single book out there that illustrates every different plumage (at least 80% do not show the juvenile plumages) and some species don't have any pictures on the internet of these different plumages. What is it that makes birds so loveable? The eyes? The beak? Maybe it's a question we can never answer....

Passeriformes---Perching and Singing birds

Non-Passeriformes---All the others.

Range maps Edit

The colours represent the following:

Green: Resident all year

Pink: Breeding only (Anywhere from April-October)

Grey: Migration (May/June and September/October)

Blue: Winter (November-April)

Blue dotted line: Possible overwintering site

Pink dotted line: Possible breeding site

Alternating dark and light grey: Vagrant