Flea beetles Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)---Insects (Insecta)----Beetles (Coleoptera)---Polyphaga----Chrysomeloidea----Leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae)----Galerucinae----Flea beetles (Alticini)  
Flea beetle

Flea beetles are herbivorous members of the tribe Alticni is the family Chrysomelidae and some are known for destruction of garden plants when they appear in large numbers. As most gardeners will also discover is that these are near impossible to catch. The enlarged hind leg femora of flea beetles make them well adapted to jump into the air, with very few species not being able to; they are very hard to approach and when they jump their small size makes them disappear instantly.  

The best time to approach and capture/ photograph these is when their antennae is low down; when their antennae is at 90 degrees they are more active.

Feeding Edit

Adults and larvae feed on leaves, flowers or roots depending on the species.

Species Edit

 Oriental flea beetle                              ???? ????  Copper flea beetle                     Altica sp.
Flea beetle
Copper flea beetle
Metallic blue flea beetle     Altica sp. flea beetles Metallic blue/purple flea beetle Altica sp. flea beetles
Metallic blue flea beetle
Dark metallic blue flea beetle
Striped flea beetle Phyllotreta striolata Yellow patch flea beetle


Striped flea beetle
Yellow flea beetle
Large flea beetle
Large flea beetle